Everyone will pronate as we are running, this is normal for everyone.

What is pronation exactly?

Pronation is the inward movement of the foot as it rolls to distribute the force of impact when we are running and every time our foot hit the ground. Basically, the foot “rolls” inward slightly and makes contact with the ground. It helps to support your body weight without any problem. Pronation is necessary for proper shock absorption as it helps you push off evenly from the front of the foot while running. Although pronation is a natural movement of the foot, the size of the runner’s arch can affect its ability to roll. This can cause either supination (underpronation) or over pronation. If a runner who has a normal arch, he or she will best suit in a stability shoe which offers moderate pronation control. Runners with flat feet usually over pronate will need a motion-control shoe that controls pronation. High-arched runners who underpronate will require a neutral-cushioned shoe that encourages a more natural foot motion.


Shirlyn is trained in the biomechanics and gait cycle of the foot, and is a certified Master Fit Technician USA. She is also certified by Aetrex USA in ‘Shoes & Orthotics Fitting’ and ‘Conservative Footcare Management’. She currently runs Powerup Express Pte.Ltd. in Kallang Wave Mall which offers a variety of sports equipment and booking of physiotherapy