The first Spartan race in Singapore was held on November 15, 2016. It was the Spartan Sprint, the shortest of the 3 Spartan races in the Trifecta Series — consisting of a 6+km run with 20+ obstacles in between. Among the athletes were some Filipinos who started the now 30+ member team — TeamBato, the first team of Filipino Spartans worldwide.

Surprisingly, the grueling Spartan Sprint sparked an addiction for the athletes to go for the next step, the Spartan Super. In preparation for this race, the Filipino community gathered together in the weekly free community workouts provided by Spartan SGX. This is where the “barkada” & “bayanihan” spirit blossomed among our countrymen.

Not only did they develop friendships among themselves; they developed a cordial relationship with the Spartan Race trainers, the SGX group of coaches. They went around Singapore every Sunday, playing like children while gearing up for the upcoming races. One local event which starred TeamBato and earned them the fastest team in their category was the RedX Games Legacy Challenge, organized by the same Spartan SGX coaches in July 2016.

The peak of their physical endurance was tested in the last Asia event of the Spartan Race Trifecta series in 2016 – the Spartan Beast held in Bintan Island on November 19, 2016. It was a 21Km run and 30+ obstacles held along the coast of Bintan and through Lagoi Bay. Each member of TeamBato was prepared to run the race on their own without help, to conquer their individual goals and physical capabilities. However, the “bayanihan” spirit held on. Not only did they laugh through the whole race, they offered to help others. They managed to finish strong, treated ailed participants and pulled other athletes across the fiery finish line.

Now that most of the members have earned their Spartan Trifecta, they are gearing up for new Spartan challenges in 2017. Whether they will do the whole series all over again in different regions in Asia, or brave the Hurricane Heat, the future is bright and strong for this bunch as the team has not settled after Bintan. They plan to hold free workouts weekly not only for the Filipino community but for local friends as well. The wait-up now is when the Spartan Race will be held in the Philippines. Rest assured, we know this squad is coming home soon to train aspiring Filipino Spartans back home.

Their team spirit is the Pinoy “Bayanihan” spirit of communally pulling people up to accomplish a task.