Black Mamba

Teamblackmamba is an ensemble that came together in 2015. Originally Teamblackmamba was a powerbuilding gym outfit consisting of only 3 members. After much convincing by a couple of colleagues to participate in the Spartan races, we got hooked. From there, like the ferocious killing predator, we went around poisoning the minds of our friends who came together in batches.

Made up of various people with different fitness aspirations from weightlifting to fat loss, we started off with our first Spartan Race in Kuala Lumpur. With a total show of 21 members from various parts of Singapore, it was clearly an overwhelming success.

As Teamblackmamba journeys on, our numbers grow to include individuals of more diverse backgrounds, such as marathon runners and even a TKD Expert. It has become a way of life and a family-based outfit. We look forward to growing further together and be a well-known face in the Obstacle Race Community.