Fitness Kakis

FitnessKakis (FK) was established on 28 July 2013 with the aim of gathering people to promote one core lifestyle theme – BE ACTIVE.

Its founders, Ms Jenny Loo (HPB’s Health Ambassador & Lose To Win Motivator) and Mr Ray Loh (Senior Exercise Physiologist) saw that people needed motivation to be active; they require constant encouragement and positive vibes from peers and trainers. Jenny, who joined HPB’s Lose-To-Win programme in 2010, vouches that exercises carried out in small groups, are effective in providing the necessary “push” factor. “Exercising alone requires a great degree of discipline and often enough, one may be disheartened or simply lack focus”, explains Jenny. In mid-July 2013, Jenny and Ray set out to enlist certified trainers on a pro bono basis to conduct different exercises to cater for an anticipated group of enthusiasts.

In July 2013, FK launched “Circuit Training & Interval Runs”, “Resistance Band Training”, “Ashtanga Method Yoga” and “Bokwa Fitness”, all of which were conducted by certified trainers in public venues with easy access. The attendance was overwhelming and its participants wanted more. FK subsequently created a Facebook page as a means for mass communication and registration. FK grew from 100 participants in its initial events to 2,500 likes in 2017.

During the 3 years, FK extended its exercises to “Zumba Fitness”, “Badminton for Fitness” , “Tennis for Beginners”, “Slopes & Stairs Climbing” and “Canopy Adventure Skywalk”, just to name a few. Events outside Singapore such as adventure races, ultramarathons and hiking trips were organised. As the participants’ interests surged, event hosts were selected on a voluntary basis and were empowered for logistics and planning purposes with the tutelage of Jenny. FK went a step further to obtain grants from Health Promotion Board in order to defray costs for equipment and venue bookings.

To eliminate complacency and procrastination which are common inhibitors to training, FK, akin to any commercial entity, introduced marketing campaigns such as lucky draws. The prizes include food items under the umbrella of “Healthier Choice Symbol” (promoted by HPB) and health related products. “Sweaty Stickers” (sweat from exercises) as FK named it, consist of collecting stickers for each event attended and entitlement to a lucky draw when the card is completed.

FK also engages in community service such as “TTSH Charity Ride”, “3M Step-Up Challenge” and “Sept’s Challenge for Cerebral Palsy”. These events not only promoted well-being but monetary benefits to the under privileged for each individual’s participation.

FK continued to explore other training regimes. In November 2016, Jenny braved the “Spartan Beast” event at Bintan and inspired many to escape from their comfort zone. FK believed the notion that one needs to constantly challenge ourselves and step out into the unknown. In May 2017, a total of 24 FK members will participate in the “Spartan Sprint” in Singapore. To provide adequate training especially in relation to obstacles, FK coordinated structured training designed specifically for Spartan races.

FK strives to continue its vision of providing a platform for keen individuals to stay active through FK’s interest groups. FK has indeed had a remarkable journey since its inception with a team of committed trainers and events hosts volunteering their service and we will aspire to do so in the years ahead.