The Superfit community grows stronger as the Spartan Races continue to gain traction in Asia. Our common love for OCR (obstacle course racing) brings together a zany bunch of adrenaline junkies chasing the exhilarating thrill of running through sand, sea, and trail. As competition season draws in, come join our workshop to get highly specialised and customised training on how to climb that rope, clear that 7-foot wall and breeze through that multi-rig. Only with superfit.spartan will you get exclusive access to Asia’s only group of Spartan-certified Master Trainers and Specialist Obstacle Course coaches. This seasonal workshop will provide inside know-how that is proven – and stamped with the seal of approval from the Spartan organisation itself – to help you get your Spartan medal, or even that Trifecta!

Superfit.spartan workshop focuses on obstacles clearing techniques and are suitable for those who are doing Spartan races for the first time or want to learn how to clear obstacles more effectively. Each workshop is priced at $49. Email us at for more info.