T3 Challengers

Our story is short but exciting. We all knew very well that we needed to be healthy, fit and active in our life and we were trying our best. Each individual has a unique life situation. Everyone has different eating and exercise habits; and sometimes you just need people to inspire you.

In 2016, Singapore Heart Foundation (“SHF”) started a weight-loss challenge with a unique program setup. SHF selected dedicated individuals to achieve their personal goals and fast weight loss by following a systematic training program.

We were put to the grind for 3—4 months by dedicated instructors and were educated by hard working nutritionists to achieve weight loss, body strength and an overall healthy life style. This was the time when the Challenger Group was created.

This journey was not easy and many of us might have left if not for the support of each other on-track and off-track. Our trainers were focused and kept us motivated to achieve our goals. We began with simple goals that made us feel good like walking or jogging at a comfortable pace, checking our daily diet and counting calories.

This friendship didn’t end with the program at SHF; instead our bond become stronger and we participated in many city races, charity events and so on.

Our main objective is not only to stay healthy but also to educate our family members and our community. T3 Challengers is a group filled with motivation, inspiration, love, knowledge, and support needed to achieve goals where one can only once dream of.